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4.02.15   Mission Possible: Hit Your Brand Out of the Park
Nonprofit Capacity Conference
Thought leadership is one of the most effective and least expensive ways for nonprofits to build awareness for your mission, support for your programs and drive more revenue – a critical success factor too few nonprofits have really mastered. In this actionable session, learn how to stand out from the more than 1 million nonprofit brands and elevate your nonprofit as a thought leader. Discover how to get started and kick your plan into high gear.

10.30.14  Nonprofit Executive Roundtable: Elevate Your Nonprofit's Thought Leadership
Access National Bank & GWSCPA

Competition for attention has never been higher. Funders are more selective than ever. Driving revenue increasingly depends on your nonprofit’s ability to stand out as a thought leader. Hear best practices from communications expert Kim Guarino and executive director Michael Butera will help lead a peer discussion on how to make the leap to thought leadership and drive better results! Peer event for senior nonprofit leaders.

4.21.14  View from the Top: Build Influence Through Thought Leadership
Nonprofit Capacity Conference
Achieving and maintaining an effective thought leadership program is one of the most powerful and best practices in driving sustainable revenue for your nonprofit. With a relatively small investment, the pay off can be big. Done well, thought leadership cannot only elevate your visibility; it can increase donations. But without a strategy and a clear understanding of what thought leadership is and, more importantly, what it isn’t, nonprofits could be leaving money on the table.


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